I am a student who has become aware of an injustice done to a fellow Australian citizen. David Hicks, now 27 years of age, loved to travel. In 2001, David studied at an Islamic College and travelled through Kashmir before going to Afghanistan. Shortly afterwards, David was captured. The media have branded David a traitor and a terrorist, but his only standing conviction is for driving without a licence. Since December 2001, David has had just one contact with his family, that was a letter through The Red Cross. The conditions in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba are severely inhumane. Most of the detainees have no rights, they have not even been told the charges they are facing. A petition seeking habeas corpus was declined in a District Court in July, 2002. I intend to try and help the Hicks Family as best i can, you can too. thank you for taking to time to read my petition. I will endeavour to forward this petition to the appropiate authorities.


I would like to thank ipetitions for giving me this opportunity to voice my opinion on a subject i am strongly influenced by. If you wish to do the same, please visit


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    Sara Danyal, United Kingdom

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    dude love, Australia

    7 years ago State: NV
    Country: AU
    Comments: David hicks is a treason loving traitor and he is a DEAD MAN when I find him. I dont like cowardly traitors who feed on wimps sympathy and blubs when he's caught red handed working with terrorists. How can you support him are you all fucked up in the head!!! he wanted to KILL us, and now when he gets caught he lies on his back like a beaten dog and says "ohh, dont kill me, I didnt mean to" Fuck david hicks, fuck his loser dad and fuck anyone who has a problem with me saying David Hicks is a coward. I'm going to kill him if I see him....he is a traitor to our country and is now basking in luxury in a minimal security jail. DIE david hicks you bastard!
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    Rachel Hammond, United Kingdom

    7 years ago Country: GB
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