Fix the Model 1887's

We need the people who worked so hard to buy this game and have fun to sign this. When bought this game you weren't expecting so many problems because of the hype. But now after owning it for a while, you find out that Infinity Award can't handle their own game. There were some problems I agree that needed to be fixed, and others that didn't have to be fixed. One in particular is the constant nerfing of the Model 1887's. Help out everyone on this game by making Infinity Award empower th Models back to a better time. Not back to when the game came out, because that was horrible when people were able to out range you with a shotgun. But also not as weak as they were after the first patch, because it then took more shots with Blinged Models to get a kill then the AA-12. If you have to wait until level 67 to get a gun that is useless, the game can't be good. So sign this petition to help us and yourself out, and Thanks for the Help everyone.


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    Ryan Pieper, United States

    5 years ago Comments: There was no reason to ruin the models like they did. So what if kids liked to complain because they were getting killed by them! It's a game, and you unlock the model's at such a high level that this move was pointless! If they don't fix the game and make it the way that it should be then it will be the last of my modern warfare 2 days, and many other people as well.
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    Untouched_808, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Just the fast of making the models weaker ive practically gave up on mw2. Seriously getting to lv 67 for a gay ass gun its bull. Sure i wouldn't mind getting them at like lv 20 or something but 67 us mw2 players work hard for some of the best guns......i just hope infinity ward realizes that nerfing guns that we like sucks. Its just like making all sniper rifles 2 hits, the ump45 the whole clip just to kill someone. i really hate why they would do this. Was is a glitch if they knew about it why would they put it in this game waiting for us to realize the power of it then friggent make it the crappiest gun on the planet.
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    mike, United States

    5 years ago Comments: I used to slap some people with the models now im the one that gets slaped
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