Increase Corpus Christi Fire Departments Daily Staffing Level to 100

The Corpus Christi Fire Department is attempting to place in service 2 additional ambulances to help with the growing call volume. The city manager and as well as city council do not wish to add the personnel needed to properly and safely implement these units. In order to do that the Corpus Christi Fire Department needs to increase their Daily Staffing Level form 96 to 100. This would add the 4 additional firefighter per shift to safely and properly put the ambulances in service. The city manager and city council would like to reduce fire and ems protection to parts of the city in order to staff these units. They will pull multiple firefighters off of fire engines, reducing 4 person fire engines to 3, in order to staff these units. All fire service experts will tell you that this is not advisable and very dangerous to not only the firefighters but to the citizens and their property. Please help the Corpus Christi Fire Department increase their Daily Staffing Level to 100 by showing support to this petition. This petition will be used for nothing more than to show the support the people have for the Corpus Christi Fire Fighters..


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    Brian Kirkwood, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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    Tanya Pulido, United States

    2 years ago Comments: The lack of support affects not only the firefighters, but also their loved ones. I know what I got into when I married this man but that doesn't make it easier. Yes, I'm extremely proud of him. It's an honor to be married to such a heroic man. However, It's still HARD to be alone at night without him to protect us while knowing he is putting his life on the line for a stranger. The physical and emotional strains he must face at work while constantly worried over the well-being of his family are much more than most ever have to endure. These pressures take an overwhelming toll on their emotions and have a significantly profound impact on their overall state. One would think that 2 days off is sufficient recovery time after a 24 hour shift. Unfortunately, with the high volume of calls they answer to during that shift, it's hardly the case anymore. When my husband gets home after enduring a grueling, non-stop 24 hour shift, he is depleted, exhausted, and very irritable when he arrives. The entire first day is spent sleeping while my kids are waiting with excitement and anticipation for him to finally wake up and play with them. By the time that happens later in the day, they have become discouraged, lost their enthusiasm and sometimes are even resentful towards him. As a result, my husband becomes upset because HE can't understand why THEY can't understand. It a terrible cycle of confusion and hurt. The next day is no better because he has to meet the obligations of our household that he must accomplish. After tying up all those loose ends, it's already late and he has to go to bed early time for work the next day. I miss my husband and want to enjoy him. The emotional stress from his job is being brought into our home. It's not good for his spirit and it's not good for mine!!! Not to mention the fact that these firefighters have to be alert and able to focus while at work. One careless mistake could cost them their life. I NEED my husband and I LOVE him. I am one of those wives who actually LIKES her husband. If I senselessly lose him forever (because there weren't enough dollars in YOUR "budget" to which WE all contribute to), you better be prepared to endure my pain along with me. I guarantee that my heartache will be yours as well. This is not the kind of passionate rage you want at your next city council meeting should I be forced to spend the rest of my life without my very best friend and only soul-mate while many of you probably don't even kiss your own spouses goodnight.
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    Leida Orgeron, United States

    2 years ago Comments: -
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