Implement OSAP Loan Default Rehabilitation Program

PETITION TO The Legislative Assembly of Ontario: - WHEREAS The Ontario Provincial OSAP Policy for student loan defaulters is lacking a reinstatement/rehabilitation/ program for obtaining clearance for further access to education for students that make 6 consecutive payments, and have paid all outstanding interest on their loans unlike the Province of British Columbia, the Federal Government, and other jurisdictions. WE the undersigned petition the Legislative Assembly of Ontario as follows- Forcing student borrowers to pay their loans \'to the penny\' before being able to return to their studies through a clearance letter creates undue hardship.Paying off very large loans in their entirety, as a condition of reinstatement takes a very long period of time. With no form of rehabilitation/reinstatement program Ontario is leaving many people with no hope of ever going back to school, bettering themselves, or progressing out of debt. Without an education lower wages and high interest rates on the loans it is very difficult to make any kind of dent in these amounts---- particularly if one can not go to college/university and obtain the needed education to increase their salary. Please, change your policy for student loan defaulters to allow them to reinstate if they prove they are repaying and working on these loans within their earning budget. Currently British Columbia and Canada offer students reinstatement after default according to the following criteria: Make at least six monthly loan payments in a row or pay your loan in full to Revenue Services of British Columbia. Pay all outstanding interest, NSF charges and any additional fees associated with the defaulted B.C. student loan. Canada student loan reinstatement criteria is similar. We request Ontario to do the same.


K. Gosselin Forum on Canadian Student Loans



  • Anonymous CRA and OSAP and National Student loans all have lack of customer service and knowledge on how to apply and payback loans.

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