Impeach Ruth Ginsburg

Ruth Ginsburg is a vile, ignorant, liberal U.S. Supreme Court justice who is threatening our conservative, traditional American way of life. Ideas Ruth Ginsburg values: -fought to have the consentual sex age lowered to just 12 years old. -leader of ACLU, ultra-leftist group which defends pornographers, terrorists, advocates of homosexual adoption and marriage, and even child molestors. -ACLU changed airport regulations of searching and questioning suspicious passeners, aka terrorists, deeming it discriminotry, allowing some of the 911 passengers to walk right onto the plane. -ACLU fights to remove any mention of God from our society. Inluding removal of the Pledge of Allegiance in schools and even our national motto \"God bless America\", but fights to allow the burning of the cross on public grounds as not to impair the free speach of the Ku Klux Klan and like groups. -overall she is attempting to end American Democracy and to establish an oligarchy, in which the Supreme Courth would attain the power to rule under her behalf. SHE MUST BE VOTED OUT!


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