Impeach Pelosi and Reid NOW!!

With a 9% approval rating, this Congress still doesn't get it. The left-wing liberal nut-jobs, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, have shut down the U.S. House of Representatives and left for posh cushy vacations. This was done if the faces of the hardworking American people. It is time to act America, time to Impeach! Impeachment is necessary for the following reasons: 1. Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid have placed our national security at risk as the direct result of their dereliction of duties. Namely, not allowing a vote on lifting the Oil Drilling Ban before shutting down the senate, turning off the lights, and going home. 2. Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid are providing aid and comfort via material and emotional support to enemies of the United States during the time of war. (By blocking legislation that would reduce the flow of American money into enemy governments). 3. Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid criminally impeded the operation of official United States government business and it's Officers by prematurely ending an active session of the U.S. House of Representatives.


  • Allan and Rita Fork WE THE PEOPLE RULE! No illegals, no low information voters, no persons who want their free stuff on the backs of hard working Americans who believe in personal responsibility need apply. Go live in a communist, corrupt country where misery and free stuff abounds.

  • Kevin N. Tate Reid And Pelosi are but two pawns of a bigger picture to destroy the USA.

  • Bob Gaudreau Harry Reid and his ilk are a dangerous impediment to our Constitutionally allowed liberty and freedoms in our beloved United States!

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