We demand that a Hillary Clinton presidency will be met with IMMEDIATE Impeachment.

Our elected officials MUST band together and DO THEIR JOBS. They MUST immediately call for the IMPEACHMENT of a President Hillary Clinton.


  • Lisa Bellini this must be a joke, is the republican party so scared if she winds, I will already tell you that she will. I prophesized Obama twice. you must be a joke for even doing this, you don't have my signature, but hey, we are all entitled to our own opinion. so Good Luck
    your check pays these people, what has the republicans done in 5 years, nothing notate a thing. they disrespected the president as much as they could, he is the commander and chief, I don't want my son in any war, any conflict. look at all the vets, this was because of bush, and he doesn't even care. he walked into the white house and had a surplus and left a deficit that keeps growing and getting higher and higher due to his actions. So stop blaming Obama for what is happening global, these countries have been at war for centuries, from the begining of time. are you goanna blame him for that as well I would learn about the men's history before you judge a woman. the men are the worst think to happen to all the planet.

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