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impeach governor malloy

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impeach the governor of connecticut before GE, AETNA &Travelers leave the state. Save our state from an economic depression



June 11
We are now live!
  • Anonymous
    Aug 14, 2015
    Aug 14, 2015
    8/13/2015 governor Malloy is in dereliction of his duty to assure justice for the victims of the inmates on death row sentenced to death for their crimes the news stated that he believed it was a violation of their civil rights when as felons they have no rights the Bible states an Eye for an eye and yes we are not supposed to hate our enemy but we are talking about individuals who would not have mercy on their victim and did not slaughtering children and a women in the peeler case a mother and a little boy get Malloy out he is not a leader and has proved he no longer can be trusted
  • Tyler turel
    Tyler turel United States, Brooklyn
    Aug 07, 2015
    Aug 07, 2015
    We need a system in place for impeachment first
  • Anonymous
    Aug 07, 2015
    Aug 07, 2015
    Malloy is the driving factor behind the tanking economy in CT causing residents and corporations to leave. CT is on the fast track to nowhere.


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    Frank aviles United States
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    Tyler turel United States
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    aaron martinez United States
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