Impala for Jensen Ackles when Supernatural ends

Dear SPNFamily, Unless you've been living under a rock you'd be aware that Jensen has expressed desire to claim the Impala as his upon the show's conclusion. Being the loving and devoted fan-base that we are, we've too expressed desire for Jensen to have the Impala when the show ends. It's only right, right? If we can reach the target goal (should be a piece of pie.There's way more than 50,000 of you guys, that's for sure) then maybe this will put a little needed pressure on the shows producers and net work executives to let Jensen have his baby! It doesn't belong in some lock-up, it belongs in the caring loving hands of the man who's been riding her around for eight (nine) years! This relationship cannot end with the final wrap! He needs to drive away with her. Dear SPN Producers, It's only right that Jensen takes home the baby when the show wraps. You know it, he knows it, we know it. The car may not talk (except for that one episode) but she knows it too. So do what you gotta do but realistically where does this baby belong when the show ends? Not in a CW lock-up that's for sure. It belongs in Jensen's garage and we all know it. SIGN THE PETITION AND SPREAD THE WORD! Peace out, bitches!



  • CC Ross She can't just sit in there all alone. That's just... inhumane. It's only right.

  • Jennie Hall The idea of Baby being in a storage facility is heartbreaking. Jensen needs to keep her.

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