illegal immagrants why not

I dont see the problem with letting the spanish come to America to work,They dont come and use our technology against us. They dont want anything but to work, to make a life for their family. Mexico cant afford no more than Iraq can, but were still over there building them new community\'s and making USA pay for it with blood and money. This way the mexicans are benifiting us with there work. They work thats the things some Americans can\'t get off there tails and even do that. I don\'t see the problem with them being here.


i done this own my own there\'s no group, this is my thoughts.


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    Kelly, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Put ur ass in their position stop being a gready ass bitch.... do u wanna go to HELL What whould u do if u can't feed ur family. stop thinking about your self!!! you selfish punks.
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    brittany melton, United States

    7 years ago Comments: my step dad is mexican and he is an ass but not all mexicans are bad they r good some of them are bad but not all. so thats what i think
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    angela nuno, United States

    8 years ago
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