IMC 4 Day Work Week

The notion of our standard work week here in America has remained largely the same since 1938. That was the year the Fair Labor Standards Act was passed, standardizing the eight hour work day and the 40 hour work week. Each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday workers all over the country wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to work. But the notion that the majority of the workforce should keep these hours is based on nothing more than an idea put forth by the Federal government almost 70 years ago. To be sure it was an improvement in the lives of many Americans who were at the time forced to work 10+ hours a day, sometimes 6 days of the week. So a 40 hour work week was seen as an upgrade in the lives of many of U.S. citizens. 8 is a nice round number; one third of each 24 hour day. In theory it leaves 8 hours for sleep and 8 hours for other activities like eating, bathing, raising children and enjoying life. But the notion that we should work for 5 of these days in a row before taking 2 for ourselves is, as best I can tell, rather arbitrary. The idea of a shorter work week is not a new one to anyone old enough to have lived through the energy shocks of the 1970\'s. It should be fairly obvious to anyone interested in conserving oil that reducing the number of daily commutes per week would reduce the overall demand for oil. There are about 133 million workers in America. Around 80% of them get to work by driving alone in a car. The average commute covers about 16 miles each way. And gas on the rise currently... So stop and do some math. A 4 day work week would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants, reduce workers exposure to pollutants, mean less traffic congestion, reduce money spent on new road construction and existing road maintenance, result in a reduction in personal expenses, mean a reduction in absenteeism, increase productivity, give us more time for family, decrease labor costs, decrease operational costs, would mean a reduction in the cost of childcare, would provide time for a transition into the informal economy AND the 4 Day Work Week would feel great! Voice your opinion!


IMC for a 4 day work week.



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    Hannah Lewis, United States

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    Alain, Mexico

    3 years ago Comments: 09/10/2011 at 12:52 amPlain and simple, this is a tool of the devil. Demons use it and ppl who are sekrecud in will regret it sooner or later. There are no such things at ghosts! When you die, your soul goes to Heaven or to Hell, depending on if you have ever asked Jesus into your heart. So, you can't contact loved ones who are dead. The Bible is very clear on this. This is not a game! I wish the Ouija was banned, never to be sold again!
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    Christopher, United Kingdom

    3 years ago Comments: 13/09/2010 at 6:10 amYup they should be bnaned, it like giving a dynamite to a kid and told them its a firework. In indonesia we have the same games but without the board, just write letters on a piece of paper and a coin, and some chants. or u could use a bamboo doll instead(normally called jealangkung)with pen/chalk in its hand(this is more scary cos u called wrong things the doll will physically attack you if not by haunting, it would came night after night and even come back after being burned)
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