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--Dear team of You Tube!
We are subscribers and fans of channel "The Group" appealing to you with strong request - Please stop the unacceptable attitude to the professional activity of "The Group". Competence of their work deserves a high estimate and decent respect. All rights and the necessary documentation on their hands in presence. Your behavior is unacceptable, and corresponds to discrimination of rights of free expression of free people. Your behavior towards them is not consistent with the laws of democracy. Their activities do not involve any criminal or immoral activity. The work of team "The Group" opens eyes to many aspects of our lives and give people more opportunity to get wide information and be more erudite. Hope for your competence and common sense.


  • Rita Stieben Please do not take the channel down. Too many of us have seen what you've done to, " The Group". There is so much honest information that we dont otherwise see.
    Dante Santori has exited the channel, it was a lose for all of us but that wasn't your doing.
    The channel has done everything within your requirements, many of us , I will only speak for myself here, wonder why, why, why?
    Is it the truth?
    Again, I sign and ask you sincerely to for all issues with The Group be resolved and the channel remain active.
    My highest regards,
    Rita B. Stieben

  • Roland Robin Bonsoir Rita, je signe pour Dante qui m'a ouvert des neurones sur l'ufologie diffusée par la vidéo ou j'ai vu sa créativité s'exprimer avec le talent qui lui appartient et ai aimé suivre sa chaîne au nom d'Azazel 8867. Depuis peu je vois "The Group" reprendre l'état d'esprit de belles façons et défend la liberté d'expression sur toutes les surfaces quand elle révèle son originalité, @+ Roland

  • Anna Shafajinskaia Sometimes we feel inside, that we were created for something MORE… only few dare to change the history through their lives… They are from these FEW.

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    Niculescu Mihnea

    2 months ago Comments: YOU CAN'T STOP THE TRUTH !!! TIME WILL S
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    Peter King

    3 months ago Comments: You Tube, Please Spare The Axe , And Allow "The Group " To Continue Its Activities And Upload Its Enlightening And Entertaining Videos, They Lift The Veil On The Darker And Hidden Aspects Of The World We Live In. Instead Why Not Close Down The Hundreds Of Channels Spreading , Lies, Hatred And Misinformation,If The National Press Is To Be Believed ,ISIS Will Have Its Own You Tube Channel .
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