Ok im going to keep it short and sweet. Yes Mike Vick did do wrong but he served his time. Theres nothing he can do to ever make up what he did but at the same time nothing will ever remove the label of Mike Vick the Animal Hater. I love Mike and I think he is another great athlete that made a mistake. At least he wasn't on steroids. I honestly feel as if Mike Vick will take this as a lessoned learned and will never make a mistake like that again. Put yourself in his shoes, one day you have it all living on top of the world and just like that, BAM, u lose. You find yourself in a jail cell with none of life luxuries. Not knowing how your family is eating. Give him another chance before you say he is evil . He made this mistake but what else did he do Did he have a criminal record before this Just please if you feel me when i say LET VICK PLAY then plz sign my petition. Tell your friends, family, and loved ones to sign it and help VICK play again... Thank You.


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    kid, United States

    6 years ago Comments: you guys are over reacting i mean he did nothing wrong to me because he was accused of killing dogs man u dont ko if he did that but i knoow for sure that a couple calcasian men have did worser like jason kidd he killed his dog and made a man clean it up with a gun to the mans head i mean it just a damn stupid dog white people just wanna lock another succesful african amercain up
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