Ilengela Must Stay

We, the undersigned, ask the Home Secretary to grant Ilengela Ileo [HO ref: J1079191, Port ref: LBA/03/307] leave to remain in the UK on compassionate grounds. Ms Ileo arrived in the UK 3 years ago from the Congo and has been a dedicated volunteer case worker at the Coventry Refugee Centre, helping others in distress and difficulties. Her uncle had been murdered and there is no trace of her remaining 4 brothers and 1 sister. Ilengela


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    Georgina F Herbert, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: Ilengela has played by all the rules, signing on with immigration regularly, she has studied and done voluntary work at the Refugee Centre in Coventry. She has not sought to hide as many others have done. Her mother and sister have been granted leave to stay ,suggesting that they are considered at risk if they return to the DRC, so why should there be no risk to Ilengela It seem totally illogical. She has no remaining family in the DRC her only relatives are her mother and sister in the UK. To suggest that she can keep in touch via email is absurd - my own parents in Yorkshire cannot afford to be on the internet, and not every household here has a computer - how likely is it therefore that Ilengela, arriving back to no home, family or job would have this In a country recently ravaged by war internet links are low on the agenda! Ilengela is a good citizen, has never caused any trouble, or broken the law. Surely she is an excellent example of the type of person who integrates well into our society and has much to give. We read so many negative accounts of asylum seekers breaking the law - the recent tragedy of the young boys sentenced for the murder of the woman at a London christening party being just one. Surely Ilengela must merit being given asylum as someone whose exemplary behaviour serves as a role model to other young people The Foreign Office's own advice to travellers from the Uk to the DRC as of 22/02/07 is against all but essential travel there as 'there is risk of tension and insecurity following the elections in July and October 2006 and during the formation of a new government. There remains a risk of instability and the situation could deteriorate at short notice' Travellers are alerted to the high level of crime due to the collapse of the economy and 'very high unemployment' so it is doubtful tha Ilengela would find work to support herself. Travellers are warned of risks of street crime and armed robbery at all times 'including being targetted by armed gangs when driving', also that 'after a spate of armed attacks in 2004 on vehicles travelling on the main road to Kinshasa to Matadi road, including one during daylight hours ,military roadblocks apply ...' .Again travellers are warned not to walk the streets after dark. All travel to eastern and north eastern DRC is advised against. Again quoting'There is no reliable public transport system in DRC.' and that outside of Kinshasa and other main cities 'most roads are barely drivable'. and 'You should be aware that boats and ferries which serve the rivers and lakes are poorly maintained. Strong currents an, shifting sandbanks and poor maintenance contribute to low safety standards'. Many Congelese air carriers are banned or restricted in Europe due to poor safety records and the Foreign office again warns that 'all congelese airlines' do not meet ICAO and other safety standards. Yet the Immigration office seeking to deport Ilengela says that travel around the DRC is possible and cites by 'river and air' stating that conditions are not 'unduly harsh'! There would seem to be a total contradiction of advice to Uk citizens about conditions in the DRC compared with advice given to asylum sekers from the DRC. More importantly is, above all ,the very real threat of rape ,torture and murder. Ilengela's uncle was murdered and her remaining brothers and sister are missing presumed dead - and if 'keeping in touch by email' was realistic, they would surely have done so if alive. Therefore it would seem to me that Ilengela is at extreme risk if she is returned. Please therefore find it in your heart to give this young woman a chance of a life free from fear with her only survivng family members. We in Coventry already regard her as one of our own and support for her in this city is very great.
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    Salina Kalair, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Comments: The UK Government MUST stop their brutal campign to send asylum seekers back where they face death..
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    Hayley Barrett, United Kingdom

    8 years ago
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