The citizens of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and the many shoppers who flock to our great city from various cities and towns throughout the prairie provinces, north-western Ontario and the Northern United States want Ikea to open a store in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our closest Ikea in Canada is in Calgary, at least a 14 hour drive away, and we yearn for one, closer to home where we can spend our hard earned money or in most cases, rack up huge credit card bills to furnish our homes in Ikea's funky-European decor. There have been many rumors, or maybe wishful thinking that Ikea would be opening a store, possibly smaller than the others in Canada, but a store nonetheless. We don't need everything you sell under the sun but we want to buy your merchandise, the items that you tease us with on your website but that we cannot purchase online! Please Ikea, don't disappoint the shoppers in the province of Manitoba. We love you and cannot live another day without you being near. Please open a store in Winnipeg...preferably sooner than later!


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    Acarido, United States

    3 years ago Comments: I am very involved with Student Alumni Board, The MUSS, LDSSA, ASUU, and have done a lot of work with the Bennion cetner. One of the constants in my time at the U is that if there is a service event or student activity Rob and Jessica will be there. Yes they do have a lot of Utah gear, but that has no effect on who they are. Their constant dedication to making the University a better place and the service they give to their fellow students make them the Ultimate Utah Couple. Their friendship and examples have made me love the U, and made my life a lot happier. No matter what happens in this contest, thank you Rob and Jess for making my school better and for conducting yourselves appropriately during this contest. Go Utes!
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    Jack, France

    3 years ago Comments: Pick Katrina and Lee> Being the biggest fan is SO MUCH MORE than buniyg TShirts. It's about how you represent yourself. It's about how you portray your school. Katrina and Lee are the most giving, involved people we know. They have gone to nearly all the events (sporting, art, entertainment, service, student gov, education) at the U, and have diligently supported the school. Katrina has always represented the school proudly.And if you want to get down to it, I bet Katrina and Lee have just as much school-branded attire as the other couple The difference is they have made the school proud outside of their closets. VOTE KATRINA AND LEE! THEY DESERVE TO WIN THIS WEDDING MORE THAN ANYONE!
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    Isabel, France

    3 years ago Comments: Tisho, mnogo hubav case za tova kak social moje da izzele izvan control. A ot tova koeto cheta mai za IKEA neshtata sa zagubeni, zashtoto PR crizite se ovaldyavat edinstveno predi te da mogat da badat categorizirani kato takiva.Sashto se chudeh dali e vazmojno tova da bade dobre coordinirana ataka ot konkurenciyata na IKEA, e.g. brand warfare? Vsichki znaem che za malka strana kato nashtata konkurenicyata e poveche ot dostatachna. P.S. sorry no nyama kirilica na tova PC
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