IISD Schools: Bring Back Powder Toy

In the Irving ISD the Powder toy website(powdertoy.co.uk) has been locked. The students use this physics simulator to learn while having fun. They feel that powder toy has been locked irrationally, so they would like it unlocked.



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    Edgar, China

    2 years ago Comments: Too many little kids. It anonys me to see them crap out on small issues of not hard work that they call hard work. It's good that they have enthusiasm though. http://sfvcuoyh.com dfaducwucv levjrmqjh
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    Angelo, Brazil

    2 years ago Comments: choice for this What the hell are you tankilg about? Except tankilg out your ass . Tiff and May have been friends for years May invited him on this show. http://dffdydvbx.com izhaml fjgyjq
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    Panem, Norway

    2 years ago Comments: It's not about feeling good , it's about unntiig so that policy objectives become congruent with the way government handles business. The first item to come out of the Bipartisan Forum was that candidates need a plan to unite. Don't mistake a feel good sentiment with the inception of an unntiig process. One can pick any aspect of political history and find certain patterns or parallels, but the bottom line is that we are at threshold point where, if we don't unite, one more new politician at the helm can not turn this around. We can claim that we will manage it back to normalcy , but that does nothing to aright the inadequacies of the status quo.The true feel good era occured in the 1980 election where we ended up spending ourselves into a false sense of hope. We are reaping the downside of that fiscal irresponsibility today. We took a fundamental misstep so we could get our feel good fix. As we are beginning to see, the stock market is not the one and only indicator of our nation's well being.IMO, MB spouting ideas is good. The problem is not that there are not good ideas out there. The problem is that they get lost in Washington. It will take a unification of the people to root it out.
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