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Ladies and gentlemen, particularly ladies *raises eyebrows up and down*, you may have recently seen a position started by one "Me-me" asking for me to be de-opped. Let me ask you this, what do you know about this me-me character How about the following: 1. Did you know that he managed to antagonize more people in the DD chatroom in the short span he was there than I have ever managed to 2. Did you know that he was the first person to be permabanned from the channel due to this very behaviour 3. Did you know that the boiling point of Mercury is over 625 Kelvin 4. Did you know that many of the signatures on the other position have been put there by people who were banned by me with permission from the channel founder 5. Did you know that in Simcity 2000, if you have Launch Arcologies at the right date, they will actually launch into space one at a time, drastically reducing your population and industries, leading to a vast economic recession 6. Did you know we actually permabanned Auroramoon's boyfriend due to the fact that he was so insufferably annoying that nobody in the channel could stand him 7. Did you know that this is why so many people get kicked The rules for the channel are carefully explained. People like me-me, crocty and others (specifically from Top Drawer) violated them on an hourly basis. THIS is why they were kicked/banned. For all these reasons and a fried chicken, we should ignore me-me's petition.


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    Lak, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Support you all the way. Anyobdy you kick is somebody I wanna kick too. So why would I want to remove your op you're like a male me. At least in irc terms.
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    Steak's arm freckles, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: We were promised blood.
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    Will, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: Jebus, you're different to me-me in the same way a prick is different to a douche... However, Me-me is a slightly larger prickly douche then you, and you're a lovable prickly douche. Ok, where's my chicken
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