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We, the students of RSM's International Business Administration programme together with students from other programmes, believe that the recently introduced scheme of 'pop quizzes' is not effective in terms of achieving its desired outcomes. Because these 'pop quizzes' form 10% of the final grade, this puts extra pressure on the students who have not been successful in passing these quizzes, as it limits their potential final grade and pushes up the grade threshold to pass the course in the first place. Besides, even students who have managed to pass these pop-quizzes are not satisfied, with little or no difference in the attentiveness of the students during the lectures, which is not the case with other lectures. Any such issues should be resolved by alternative means and not by imposing new sensitive schemes. To resolve this issue, we demand that this scheme to be recalled, and that the MCQ grade forms 100% of our grade. Furthermore, to ensure fairness and value the efforts put so far by the students and professors, we demand that the 'pop-quiz' results be treated as bonus points and added to our final grades in addition to the 100% exam grade. This should not be a problem as there are no other bonus schemes currently associated with the course. *Please note that those who were unsuccessful in passing the pop-quizzes require an MCQ grade of 6.1 to successfully pass the course with a final grade of 5.5!*



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    Jonas Gudziunas, Netherlands

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    Giuseppe Milanesi, Netherlands

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    Victoria Cazacu, Netherlands

    2 years ago Comments: The quizzes are indeed not a very good way to asses performance. As we were told, their actual purpose is to motivate people to come to lectures. However, a lot of students retake 1 year courses or do 3 year courses and have to decide by themselves how to allocate their time... The quizzes influence the final grade a lot... However, the organization was very poor. (for the second test I could not see half of the questions)... Furthermore I think that the results should rather be presented as a bonus for the final grade.
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