I need to get to work please alow my occupational license so i can get on my feet

I have had struggles in life and i have currently moved away from the place i called home since 07. Due to making the wrong choices and decisions i am not currently able to obtain a Texas drivers license. I owe over $3,500 plus to get my license which i don't have a job because i can not get a ride to go to find a job. If I had an occupational license i could work which i clean house or waitress i am a hard worker and i need to get to work. Things are very difficult for me now financially with out a job. Please allow me to obtain my occupational license so that i can begin to start over in a better life making the right decissions and choices. I am trying I have started college for Business Administration. I want to see success in my life through the right choices i will be making in life. And i will be able to gain a carrre


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    7 months ago Comments: I vote yes. So she can be given the opportunity to accomplish her goals.
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    destiny chambless, United States

    7 months ago Comments: I need this to strengthen my success in the work and school fields.
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