Htc: Unlock your bootloaders....FOR REAL!

It has come to the attention to everyone in the developer community that htc has not really unlocked their bootloaders as they claimed. Yes it does say "unlocked" at the top, but it does not really give you access to anything. It has basically become a fancy way to void your warranty. That needs to change! Htc needs to follow through with their claims and I think with enough people's support we can make a difference. If you agree that htc needs to allow us to customize the phones WE pay for, then please sign this petition.

On another note, their stand on the battery vs. thinness debate is ridiculous. Obviously we want more battery!!! Who cares if your phone is razor thin if it doesn't last long enough to enjoy?!



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    allen h wasserman, United States

    2 years ago Comments: jumpernutbear dos not subport windows any more and thats sad:(
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    Gracie, United States

    3 years ago Comments: We bought the darn phone, give us full control. Sense is yours, but the hardware, its ours. This should be fixed, or I AM NEVER GOING TO BUT ANOTHER HTC PHONE. EVER.
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    Slang, Argentina

    3 years ago Comments: Keep in mind that an unlocked bolaootder is much different than an unlocked phone. We're waiting to hear back from HTC to see what their new policy actually means, but our suspicion is that HTC's phone will be exactly like they were before. The dev community will still need to find an exploit in order to root phones.
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