North Carolina Equine Dentistry Legislation

This petition is for anyone who owns a horse, has an interest in horses or believes in protecting our right to choose. The equine dentist that many of us have used has been ordered to cease his business by the North Carolina Board of Veterinary Medicine, because he is not a licensed veterinarian. We are asking for your support for the proposed amendment to General Statues of North Carolina Chaptet 90, Article 11 removing the practice of equine dentistry from the purview of veterinary medicine. This would allow us to choose who performs dentistry on our animals, much as we are able to choose the person who performs farrier work on our horses. We in no way wish to imply that the equine veterinarian does not have an important role in the care of our horses, but rather that we would prefer the opportunity to choose who we use without interference. We are not restricted to use a veterinarian for farrier work on our horses hooves, nor is the procedure of artificial insemination considered strictly a veterinary procedure. The non-veterinary equine dentist that many have used has learned to harmonize with the horse well enough to accomplish his task with a minimum of excitement to the animal, so that routine procedures can be performed without the need for chemical restraint. To those of us in support of this proposed amendment, this is superior to the common use of power tools used routinely by many veterinarians. PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO STATE STATUTE REGARDING EQUINE DENTISTRY To add: The practice does not include determining the need for and floating of horses teeth, so long as sedation and invasive procedures are not needed.


Dale Gavitt Equine Dental Tech from North Carolina.


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    Melissa Victorelli

    1 year ago Comments: used him and he's great
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    Kristin Ferrante, United States

    1 year ago Comments: most equine dentists ( non-vets) spend more time studying equine dentistry than the vet students do in school.
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    Halie Allen, United States

    3 years ago Comments: I 100% agree. Veterinarians should NOT be the only ones allowed to preform dentistry on horses. As with humans, animals should have the right to both a physician and Dentist. As humans, we don't go to a doctor for dental why should animals? Equine Dental Technician should be an independent career, not depending on a Veterinarian,for Veterinarians cover various topics consideing animal health and not primarily focusing on Dental health. With the advanced training programs available, I strongly believe one should only have to obtain a certificate in Equine Dentistry in order to practice. (Rather than being dependent upon the Veterinarian) I mean, comon....think about it...would you trust a physician over an oral surgeon when it comes to a root canal? NO. why?? An oral surgeon would have a more defined educational background as well as HANDS ON EXPERIANCE (which most of Equine Dental schools provide).....therefore a better experience all around for you....Duh. SO yes, I vote on the Independent practice of Equine Dentistry =)
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