WE WANT HOMEBREW!! We believe that SONY should allow its customers to have the ability to play homebrew games and apps on their PSP\'s with the exclusion of ISO\'s


Almost ALL psp owners around the world


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    Masaru Ibuka (井深大), United States

    5 years ago Comments: This is the co-founder of SONY communicating from beyond the grave. To my fellow business partners and employees of my company, heed my words and the cries of the new generation. Grant their wish of allowing homebrew on the PlayStation Portable so that all of their pain and suffering will disappear. Do this not for my sake, but for the sake of mankind. If you fail to heed my words, a curse on my company I shall place. SONY will lose its profits, its products, employees, everything. Piracy will reign supreme for all eternity. The only way to make piracy your ally is to accept their homebrew. You have until 2012 to decide. Sayonara. これは、共同でソニーの創始者の墓を超えてから通信している。私の仲間、ビジネスパートナーや自分の会社の従業員、私の言葉に耳を傾けると、新世代の叫びしてください。を付与し、彼らの痛みや苦しみが消えるプレイステーションポータブルの自作できるの願い。これは私のために、しかしか、人類のために。もし私は置かなければならない、私の会社では私の言葉は、呪いに耳を傾けることができない。ソニーは、利益を失うことになる、その製品は、従業員、すべての。すべての永遠のために海賊版が幅を利かす。著作権侵害あなたの味方にする唯一の方法は自作を受け入れることです。あなたが決定する2012年までしている。さよなら。
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    Chantz Garrett, United States

    7 years ago Comments: sweet. no ISO's. cuz thats illegal.
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    reon 10, India

    7 years ago Comments: sony has to allow homebrew
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