Hold Astro Empires Support Staff accountable

Whether you've played Astro Empires for a month or for years, you've probably either bumped heads with the AE Support staff or heard horror stories of those who have. Despite the fact that AE is a game, it is also a company and the employees of any company should be held accountable for their actions and their lack of actions. The primary focus of this petition is to hold AE Support responsible for basic professional communications when dealing with their customers (aka game players) and provide an agency for players (aka customers) to appeal to when the AE Support staff 1) is not doing it's job, 2) IS THE PROBLEM, or 3) has handed down an unreasonable or uncompromising penalty for an offense. This petition will be brought to the founder's and operation manager's attention through e-mail and postal mail.


  • Jeffery Smith If the forums follow their own rules and regulations, I should be allowed back onto the forum today or tomorrow. I will post a request for more signatures and give it another week to get signatures and then it gets sent. Sorry for the delay, but getting suspended from the forum AND the entire thread removed by the administrators has slowed this down a bit.

  • Zektharin Zethtolmarin I applaud your efforts Jeff. I hope this work!

  • Jeffery Smith There should be some type of oversight with support. They seem to act like hermits who don't know how to communicate with others one minute and then bullies the next. Any support agency should be held accountable for basic customer communications and a basic level competence in their work.

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