Hogwart\'s Dress Code Rule

A dress-code rule for no short skirts was put into place on Sunday, May 20th, with no prior warning to students. This is not fair, as the only clothing most girls have are short skirts, and it woujld be a problem for some of the uniforms that are advertised for wearing to classes. We should stand up to this, and make it so that girl\'s can once again wear the clothing THEY want! Signing this petition, and then showing it to the staff with at least one hundred names on it will hopefully make it clear that a girl needs fashion to stay sane! (Just kidding about the last part, but you know what we mean!) Most girls will agree that this dress-code is wrong, and we should be included when the staff of Hogwarts are making rules! Sign this petition, and change the history of this school!


Daphne Monroe, and the other students of Hogwarts




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    meanstaff, United States

    8 years ago Comments: told ya they were mean!!!!!!!!!
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    A Lovely Morsmordre Staff Member., United States

    8 years ago Comments: Sup, I'm a Morsmordre Staff Member and I've found about your lovely petition. It's nice you want to.. "speak out" and all that good stuff, but honestly. Most of you are 13-16 years old If not, okay. But, you all seem to think short skirts and tank tops that show your boobs are going to get you respect and make you look "sexy". Well, sexy isn't dressing like a tramp. If you want sexy, look at a Vogue Magazine or something. Hogwarts wasn't made for "sexy people" and for wearing skirts that practically show your vagina. I don't care what these sluts on TV are wearing, it isn't 2007 in RP and those types of clothes weren't worn very often. Honestly, we're trying to make you guys look appropriate. If we're not having this dress code, then we might as well have Ronald Weasley kill freakin' Voldemort. The Dress Code is following the book and if we're following the book RP, we're following Dress Code as well. Plus, it's quite funny that you guys made this whole petition over lengthening your freakin' skirt as if you're going to die because of it. I'm not trying to be mean but get over it. It's a dress code, you'll live. The Dress Code isn't unfair, it's REALISTIC. Not like some of the things you guys do. Sorry if we don't want magical tramps running around the school. Really, I apologize greatly. :] -Signed, your favorite staff member :)
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    Jigga, Canada

    8 years ago Comments: YOU DON'T KNOW ME!
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