NM Monopolization

As we all know the monopolization of monsters in this game (Final Fantasy XI) is an annoyance and something that I understand is one of the things the development team is trying to help prevent. Currently there are certain monsters in this game which will only spawn once a day, people do not wish to fight these monsters to obtain large amounts of game currency but to acquire items which can only be obtained by defeating these monsters. Not only do these monsters only spawn once a day but there is a three hour window in which they may spawn, currently the standard method is to take as many people as possible to the area around the time the monster is due to spawn and hope to provoke it before any other linkshell. This leads to the use of third party programs in order to gain an upper hand over other people in the area something which I know Square Enix is against and after the following conversation I had with one of your GM staff I am in the understanding that it is something you are unable to detect; Marath > so unless the 3rd party program is in use when the GM investigates there is no way to catch them GM Kazrift > This limitation exists for programs that spam provoke, chii blast, etc.. And yes, unless it is in use there is no way to catch them. During this conversation the GM Kazrift explained that unless a GM is present when these types of programs are in use they are not able to be detected using the tools that GMs currently have available to them. This petition is not aimed at making it harder to pull monsters or changing any ping delays that exist in this game but to change the way in which these monsters spawn. In the area Tu


Marath - Caitsith do_you_know_its_me@hotmail.com


To read a full transcript of the conversation I had with the GM please visit http://www.thesyndicate.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/GM-Kazrift.doc


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    Casey Brown, United States

    7 years ago State: SD
    Country: US
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    Manuel Rubio, United States

    8 years ago State: CA
    Country: US
    Comments: I love FFXI.I'm a hard worker in RL,much like many people,I do have time to play FFXI but like most people,I don't have hours upon hours to camp NM's. That demotivates me. I agree that a notorious monster nopolization is obvious but there are many things that can be done or at least one thing so I don't have to stay up for hours upon hours trying to hope to fight a particular NM.
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    Jan Reinken Inocencio, United States

    8 years ago State: FL
    Country: US
    Comments: I think that this is a very good idea. I hope Square-Enix can fix this problem and take this idea into consideration.
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