Paris Hilton Enough is Enough!

What entitles Paris Hilton to a get out of jail free card She is not a good role model, she seems to be ignorant of the law\'s that were presented to her at the time of her arrest for DUI, she does not have humanitarian qualities that make our world any more beautiful or better than anyone else. She is a regular girl with the mistaken impression that she is entitled to do what she wants when she wants to do it. She drove the car, she was drinking, she was arrested....she has repeated this offence on other occasions....enough is enough. The actors/actresses in todays society think they are above the law. I say NO, enough is enough, we as American People will not tolerate any more of this. Everyone in the public eye has an Obligation to the American people to be a role model to others around you. You are a role model, I am a role model....whatever happened to someone standing up and saying,\"I made a mistake, it was MY fault, not my publicist, not the fact that I am ignorant, MY fault, and I will pay the price and be a better person for it\"! We cannot let those that are rich and famous get away with this type of behavior. Nick Nolte Mel Gibson Tracy Morgan Wynonna Judd Busta Rhymes Eve Brandy If the DUI\'s,Speeding, Car crashes, drug possetions happened to any one of us as much as it happens to the \"RICH AND FAMOUS\" we would be fined and put in jail! Are these the types of people we want as Role models Are we willing to forgive their actions because they \"add excitment and joy to our mundane lives\" I for one am tired of the excuses and lies, Honesty, stand up for your mistakes and come out of all of this as a better person. I implore you.....if Paris Hilton appeals to you sign her petition to \"Stand by her because she is a Victim\", Say \"NO, NO, NO\"! If you are in trouble with the law you should take what you get, how far do you think it will get you in court if you say that...well Paris Hilton didn\'t get into trouble for her DUI! Come on smell the coffee.....they are regular people and should not be given any special treatment within the Law. Sept. 2006 DUI-Blood Alcohol Content 0.08, 36 months probation which could be lowered to 24 months if she did 40 hours of community service, and a $1500.00 fine. Jan. 2007 Speeding Feb. 2007 Speeding 70 miles an hour in a 35 mile an hour zone. Paris had a suspended licence that she was told about by letters 3 total sent in the mail certified, and 1 verbal which was given to her by a CHP officer. That is the just from September 2006!! What is wrong with this picture I am saying NO MORE! Send the word out to those that think they can get away with this type of will not be tolerated, you will be accountable, you will take responsibility, and in the long run it will make you a better person. Please send the word out to Judges, Lawyers, Senators, Governors and everyone else, it doesn\'t matter who you are, you will be treated equally within the eyes of the Law....and there will be NO get out of jail free cards just because you are sorry, ignorant, and Famous! Thank you for your time,


The American people who think Enough is Enough where celebrities should not be treated any differently then regular everday Joe\'s and Janes!


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    patti doyle, United States

    8 years ago Comments: To even think about a lesser sentence is ludicris. You and me the average joe schmo would be in jail already. This happended for a reason, she needs to learn a valuable lesson.
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    Dorine Campo, United States

    8 years ago
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    John H. Groh, United States

    8 years ago Comments: Gov. Swartzenager. I am requesting that you do not grant a pardon to Paris Hilton if one is requested. I was a Police Officer for over 27 years and feel that all persons should do their time for the crimes the are responsible for, and that includes anyone in my family and they have done just that. Ms. Hilton was convicted and failed to comply with the Judges orders and thinks because she is popular and has a large amount of money she can do what the hell she wants. Let her do her time, no more and no less. Respectfully John H. Groh Ret. Sgt. Annapolis Poice Department, Annapolis Maryland.
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