Remove Hildi From Trading Spaces

After the hideous Feathers, Flowers, Record Albums, Cardboard, Hay and who knows what will be next Hildi must be removed from the show. She is not designing like the show claims she is doing. She is simply seeing how far she can push the limits. The limits have been reached and need to be ended. Her reign of terror needs to be stopped. A designer with some integrity needs to replace her. How much worse can a designer be than to paint a hideous picture of herself on one of the walls of the rooms she was involved with. I cannot recall many rooms that she has done that were something people would like to try in their own homes.


My wife and I were regular watchers of Trading Spaces for the first two seasons but with what Hildi has started doing I feel she is making a mockery out of the show.


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    Alyx Weller, United States

    7 years ago State: NM
    Country: US
    Comments: With Trading Spaces supporting Hildi, it only tells me that they have her on the show for shock factor to make money, not having ANYTHING to do with actual designing. Trading spaces is turning like MTV turned, into a sellout that has nothing to do with designing. She just forces her twisted mind upon these people without being flexible and helping them design their neighbors houses. Why do you even need the contestants to be there if they can't help with their ideas And I know that trading spaces won't pay to put the room back if Hildi destroys it.
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    Candy Smith, United States

    7 years ago
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    JAMES NETZEL, United States

    7 years ago State: NY
    Country: US
    Comments: hildi has no talet in what she is doing, he sisters were too nice when she did their rooms as kids. they encouraged her to follow the wrong path. nothing wrong with bagging groceries hildi! james N east rockaway
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