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We, the tenants of Highland Lake, are petitioning for the removal of the speedbumps recently installed in the apartment complex for the following reasons: 1. The speed bumps encourage rapid acceleration and speed increases as drivers attempt to make up for time lost slowing down for the bumps. This causes more accidents, not fewer. 2. The speed bumps can impede or slow emergency vehicle access to areas within the complex. 3. The speed bumps cause excessive pollution due to the necessary braking and acceleration. 4. The speed bumps damage the shocks and the suspension of many cars. 5. The speed bumps cause general discomfort while driving.


Highland Lake Tenants


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    Kent Phelps, United States

    7 years ago Comments: Contrary to popular opinion, we definitely need speed bumps here at Highland Lake. I hate them as much as anyone else, but it's because of the Emory students and other young irresponsible drivers that we need them. If the drivers would slow down and drive the posted speed limit, especially around curves and corners where people are parked and have a hard time seeing if it's clear to back out of their spaces, we wouldn't need them. If the drivers would STOP at the Stop signs instead of rolling through or totally ignoring the signs, we wouldn't need them. But we need them to slow people down and provide some level of safety for people backing out of parking spaces near blind corners and curves. If the young drivers would drive responsibly, we wouldn't have had to have them installed. Until most of the young people here learn to drive at a reasonable speed, I say Keep the Speed Bumps! They won't damage your cars if you drive over them slowly like you're suppose to. That's part of why you have shocks on your cars. Most of those who claim damage to their cars speed over the speed bumps and deserve any damage they get. SLOW DOWN PEOPLE. STOP AT STOP SIGNS. QUIT ACTING LIKE FOOLS BEHIND THE WHEEL. It's many of your own fault that emergency vehicles have to slow down while driving through our community. THINK PEOPLE, THINK!
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    Caitlin Simons, United States

    8 years ago
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    Ben Sheehan, United States

    8 years ago Comments: The Speedbumps are awful. Get them out
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