Support Local Food - Let Haligonians Raise Hens

WHEREAS urban farming and the food that it produces benefits the people, culture, and environment of HRM,
AND citizens are already responsibly keeping hens and facing unnecessary fines for doing so,
AND the responsible keeping of hens in urban settings has been successfully demonstrated in municipalities around the world,
WE THE UNDERSIGNED ask the council and mayor of HRM
TO COMMIT to ensuring citizens the right to keep hens in HRM.


We stand together in support of a self-sufficient Halifax and Nova Scotia, and acknowledge that the keeping of hens in urban areas is an important element of our shared food security and good quality of life. We therefore support political and community measures that further local food production and the keeping of hens. We urge our neighbors, friends, leaders, and elected representatives at all levels to join us in working toward a future where individuals and communities are free to produce their own food for the betterment of us all.

Did you know...

-That without a rooster, chickens are quiet, safe, and friendly pets?
-That hens can be kept with no "fowl" smell for neighbors?
-That local farming keeps our wealth in Nova Scotia and cuts our carbon footprint?
-That hens and gardening go hand-in-hand? That's right!
-Hens eat food scraps, what would otherwise be composted...
-Turning our waste into excellent fertilizer for gardening!
-They also "scratch" through soil, tilling and fertilizing it.
-That for all these reasons and more, we need your help in advocating for changes in municipal rules to allow for more urban agriculture? We do!

What can you do to help?

Please "like" our Facebook page, sign the petition, call and email your councillor (information here), and share our page with your friends. Together we can make a difference!




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Information on Contacting your Councillor

Resources for Raising Hens -


  • Don Cull Read Joel Salatins 'Folk's This Aint Right' and if you still think every household should not have backyard chickens, you must own shares in Monsanto.

  • Gwen Davies Which came first, the chicken or the vote to let it lay eggs in the back yard? Seems obvious, let people feed themselves. Asparagus, bees, chickens -- a city alphabet.

  • David Wimberly I suggest tax rebates and grants to any who will keep chickens, they are so valuable to society and ecology! The resilience of growing even part of one's own food is extremely valuable to all

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