Don\'t mess with Hem

Hal and Emily are a great couple on ATWT. ruining them for a plot driven story of Paul and Emily would be madness. Keep this couple together and give them a story that focuses on them! Don\'t ruin HEM!!!




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    Andrea Wellington, United States

    10 years ago Country: US
    Comments: Hal and Emily belong together PERIOD! Benji and Kelley bring out the best in eachother as actors. They pour out such emotion in their scenes. Please DO NOT ruin a future supercouple in HEM by dredging up the past of Paul and Emily. That relationship is over and should stay that way. Let Paul be with Rosanna, and allow Hal and Emily to fight their way back to eachother. I want to see couples on ATWT for once fight together to save their marriages instead of going to the old and tired "turn to someone else for comfort" route! Hal and Emily are the reason why so many of us HEM fans will start watching ATWT again when Benji returns to the role of Hal. Don't disappoint us with Paul and Emily. Give HEM a storyline of their own!
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    Marina Ferro, Canada

    10 years ago Country: CA
    Comments: HEM is the best! To break them up for a plot driven story is crazy. I love Hal/Emily together and I hope they stay that way.
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    Candy Smith, United States

    10 years ago State: SC
    Country: US
    Comments: I like Hal and Emily but no Paul and Emily, please!
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