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Hi my name is Hektor Robertson and I watched a movie called 'I love you Philip Morris'. The guy who it is based on is one of the most accomplished conmen & escape artists of all time. The bit that suck out to me was that all these incredible scams and escape acts were (as he seen it) for someone he loved. So I looked him up online and after a few hours and various articles later I felt that he's been given a massively overzealous prison sentence. Here is a link to his wikipedia page, give it a read. Or even better a brief interview with the man himself. Surely he would be more use working with the police helping to catch guys like himself rather than being locked up 23 hours of everyday for 144 years. The fact is that Steven Russell found holes in the system and used them to his advantage. However none of his crimes were at all violent yet he is serving a sentence that would put most war criminals to shame. I feel this is unfair, I think that he is in prison serving that absurd sentence. Due to the American judicial system's sheer embarrassment from being fooled by Russell so many times rather than for public safety or even justice. Please sign this petition and maybe with enough signatures we can help this man out.


  • giordano hi , he stole ok ok but big company .. not poor people . îm not agree with his actions but it s not a murder . i support him with my herat . i wish you ll be free soon and alsô´wish you be able to control your self today . take care of you .

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