Stop Treating Victims As Criminals

In Seattle Washington we have a Human-Trafficking Task Force working hard to combat what is know to be a global concern. In King County there is an alarming amount of women and children who are being forced into unwanted sex. Forced to give their body to men in exchange for money that they will never see. Our officials are fighting so hard to stop international slavery yet they ignore the harsh reality of what is happening in thier own backyard. After a prostitution or related conviction the girls are provided with a list of street names they are not to be on in King County. The Courts are telling them \"just don\'t do it on the streets in King County\". The system is failing to give an alternative to jail to those who are being sexually exploited. Treatment is offered to those addicted to drugs and alcohol, a diversion is offered to offernders who solicit a prostitute, and jail is offered to those who are being violated, used, and enslaved. Help to bring them an opportunity to escape to safe a place. A place that has no bars or uniforms. Help bring them an alternative to jail, a place where job training, education, advocacy, and support will be provided. A chance at a better life. So many innocent lives are searching for a way out. Please join me in making their cries for safety loud enough to be heard by the only ones who can help them.


I am a survivor of domestic trafficking. I have seen what others could not imagine. Starting at the age of 15 the system failed to protect me. We need to STOP them from letting the traffickers win!



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    VICTIM VICTIM, United States

    8 years ago State: NV
    Comments: h yeah we are trying to work on something like this so if you have hand that can help us draft this up it will help us all it go like this to the federal courts of az nv ms ny and ca and others this will be a law siut of course stating that if any elected official has took place are refuse to render help in removing devise that has been placed on listed victims and to have a investigating grand jury summoned up and protection for victims, there voter vote will not count until a investigated grand jury has cleared them of aiding to a criminal act in order for there votes to stand due the fact of being suspect of a crime that has put victims life endangered as well as the people they represent and had the power to help victims receive justice but failed to due there involvement of a criminal act and this matter is to be heard as a matter of emergency do to the nature of this case and victims being held hostage by the devise mention in the Lawson reports about these kind of devise you think you can get someone to help with this pass it along as the ERIC GRIFFIN LAW see what we can do......... all help would be greatfully thankful and i bet this law will make a change if they don't kill me first but i am ready to take it to every court we have grounds to with a little help so pass it on to all who trying to help us theres more get back to me
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    Jennifer Shelton, United States

    8 years ago State: FL
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    Melanie Gertz, United States

    9 years ago State: CA
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