Help Stop Oregon Senate Bill 71 - Bans R/C FPV and Aerial Video Flying Calling them Drones

Help Stop Oregon's Senate Bill 71 - Drone Bill Bans R/C FPV and Aerial Video Flying Calling them Drones
If this Bill passes, every r/c pilot including little Timmy who fly's any unmanned flying machine that is capable of capturing images of objects or people on the ground or in the air can be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor if the camera is off and a Class A Misdemeanor if the camera is on and you fly your R/C machine. We need your help by signing this petition along with contacting you State Representative along with John Kitzhaber

Let's light up Twitter, Facebook, Blogs and help get news coverage so we can get this puppy stopped.




PDF of Oregon Senate Bill 71

Contact Your Oregon State Representative

Contact Governor John Kitzhaber






  • Lucas Ault This is dumb, I fly multirotors for filming and soon for use in the fire service, even if its "illegal" lives and property can be saved.

  • Clyde T. Lambert This is just another way the misguided media and local, state and Federal government should are taking away our rights.
    These RC vehicles are being used for photography of the sports and wildlife.
    You should worry more about the Government should spying on the public with unmanned Arial vehicles than a private individual trying to take photos and videos of sports and scenery.

  • Preet Rayat This bill is outrageous. This big brother approach by the government is an infringement on our rights and freedoms. Photography and videography have long been a hobby and profession for many throughout the years, so to stop enthusiasts from progressing in this art is far too controlling. What's next? Will the govt start controlling all our hobbies and pastimes? With that type of mentally we're nothing short of slavery, with the government being our masters. Simply makes me sick. This bill if passed should be fought by seeing judicial review as I'm certain it's an infringement on our fundamental rights and freedoms. Don't sit by idly, speak up people, this issue is bigger than just RC's about the loss of freedom and liberty.

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