A 45year old male from north west London is still manipulating and controlling his wife Rifka by refusing to give her a Get. For legal reasons, we cannot expand upon his behaviour.

Rifka has a successful business she has worked blood, sweat and tears, as a single mother, establish, and now he is allegedly opening the same business across the the street. Control, manipulation. He is still accepted by many shuls-a man who is going against the Torah on a daily basis by refusing to speak to the Beis din and grant a Get. Rifka wants nothing from him. No financial settlement or agreement. Just what is rightfully hers, a Get, so they can both move on with their lives in separate directions. Help Rifka by supporting her with your signatures, that will be presented to the London Beis Din, and the local Jewish newspapers. It's time we change the way Britain looks after their chained women in the 21st century!



  • ben Eichorn let her go on with her life

  • Mike Freedman I am recently divorced and swiftly gave my ex wife a Gett. Why? Because its as much a mitzvah (good deed) as getting married in the first place. Plus I have always despised men who withhold a Gett in some crazed notion that it gives them power. The truth is it just makes you hated and miserable. Rivkah is a truly amazing young woman who has made an amazing life for her family and herself though hard work, education and determination. She is a real inspiration to me as an example of what one can do as a single parent if you try hard enough and don't take no for an answer.

    To this man I say this. I urge you to give Rivkah a gett. As an ex husband myself I can honestly tell you that it does no good to hold onto something that is not there any more. Please do the right thing. She is an amazing person who does not deserve this. Please have some 'derech eretz' or at the very least some basic human respect. Allow her to move on with her life plus by doing this act you will be able to get on with yours. Giving a Gett for a man isn't easy but in the long run its worth it.

    Please, enough of this, enough of the games I URGE you to give her what is rightfully hers - her Gett, her freedom. If you want some help in this matter or need someone to come with you to the Beth Din then please get in touch. I would lije to help rivkah if I can.


  • Anonymous Very sad, when the halacha gets abused and misused in nasty ways.

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