Help Remove Ban on Sign Holders

Millions of people around the world are jobless and many more are homeless because they cannot find a job. Some people even go to extreme measures in order to make a living often doing illegal acts, yet they get arrested, when all they are trying to do is survive each coming day. Getting a job at any age is made difficult by the fact that employers can choose those they like and fire those who they do not. Appearance, gender, age and sometimes even sexual preference infers with a person’s ability to get a job. One of the easiest jobs for a person to get is “Sign Shaking” also known as sigh holding or sign spinner even known as sign dancer. Now the government is trying to ban this job. They say that they are trying to make new jobs and boost the economy yet, they are banning one of the only jobs that does not judge who you are. I myself make a living this way and think that it is wrong to ban it. It does not hurt anyone if the person is smart about it. Not only is the government taking away thousands of jobs but they are making businesses go out of business by stopping sign holding. Small businesses depend on sign holders to even be seen. By stopping sign shaking they are stopping businesses from being able to remain open. They think they are only getting rid of thousands of jobs but in reality they are closing out trillions of businesses and job opportunities for people all around the world. If we can get enough signatures maybe we can get it turned around. Please help this cause and help people to keep their jobs. People need jobs and sign shaking is a major job all around the world because not only does it employ people making anywhere from ten to fifteen dollars and hour but it also helps small businesses. Help me fight this to save millions from the possibility of being homeless. Stand up and fight for our jobs and for our way of life. <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


  • Dallas Weeks I don't understand why they would do this if they are trying to get more jobs

  • Korbyn Salway they should not be banning this

  • Chris Abberger a lot of people will be screwed without this job

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    Dallas Weeks

    10 months ago Comments: I don't understand why they would do this if they are trying to get more jobs
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    john angel

    10 months ago Comments: -
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    Korbyn Salway

    10 months ago Comments: they should not be banning this
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