Help BF3 Players that were unjustly banned by EvenBalance Aimbot (50785) Violation

Hello, Recently Even Balance issued a ban on some BF3 players for the Aimbot 50785 violation. We believe some of these players are innocent and that this ban needs to be removed for those who have done nothing wrong. Players who have submitted support tickets to EvenBalance are getting generic, copy/paste replies and we believe that EvenBalance is not doing the research required to uphold these bans. We want a in depth review of each player who submits a support ticket so that a common element can be found that would cause a false positive to be triggered by these innocent players. If EvenBalance needs more info from a player we want them to ask for it instead of responding with a canned, cryptic reply or a back covering statement that someone else used our accounts. We will provide every info that EvenBalance requests from us, our PC's, etc... We in no way support the use of hacks, cheats or aimbots of any kind, we want justice for those players that have been falsely banned. Thank you



  • Sam Mathysen Gerst I am one of these victims. I have been falsely banned and even balance refuses to talk to me, my ticket has been erased as well. I have talked to EA and i dont know what to do.

  • NaDa How much of you have nVidia drivers...I am guessing ALL of you.

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