Hedgehog Freedom in Georgia

Currently, there are six states where it is illegal to own a hedgehog as a pet. Georgia is one of the six and I'm here to try to change that. The state of Georgia allows for hedgehog breeders to raise and sell hedgehogs with a proper license and so long as they aren't selling to anyone in state or to any of the other states where it is illegal to own them. Through my research I've found numerous websites dedicated to helping one learn about the laws of your state and hedgehog ownership, and it seems the only things keeping hedgehogs from being legal here is a fear they could escape and breed.

Hedgehogcentral.com states, "For some time the State of Georgia was unclear on their attitude toward hedgehogs. Unfortunately, recent clarification has deemed them illegal. It seems they are concerned that escaped pet animals may set up a resident wild population. Oddly enough, licensed breeders are allowed, but any hedgehogs sold as pets must be shipped out of state." ( www.hedgehogcentral.com/illegal.shtml ) If breeders are able to keep multiple hedgehogs in the same place where they are breeding and there has yet to be a problem, I fail to see how it would be an issue for a resident of the state of Georgia to own one as a pet. A lone hedgehog on its own that has escaped captivity would hardly have a chance of survival, much less breeding with one of it's own kind.

Hedgehogs have been proven to be loveable, dear companions and should be available to those of us who would like to own one. Any and all signatures are much appreciated as I'll be working hard to try to get in touch with the proper authorities to see if something can be done so my fellow hedgie lovers and myself can some day have a loveable ball of prickles of our own.

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  • Anonymous I see no reason why they can not be legal to own . I would love to have one , I have done a lot of research on them and see no reason why responsible people can not give one a wonderful home .

  • Gary L Maxwell It's insane that hedgehogs are illegal ,and to own one you have to get permit breed them which could open you up to rejection from you hedgie

  • Bobby Stringfellow There is no reason for this animal to be banned in GA. They do not survive out in the wild in temps below 53 degrees. There is no chance of over population! We want one as a pet. In Texas we were able to handle one...and fell in love. Please reverse this ban. Thank you.

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