animal allowence in town

Sign this petition if you think it's wrong to be limited and told how many animals you should be allowed to have. And if you think it's wrong that now people have to give up their animals if they have more than two even though they have loving homes. Only allowed two dogs in heavener Does a small dog like a yorkie or chihuaha count as a whole dog A big dog as a dog and a half And do we really want government to do the counting These laws are just a bad idea. Most people are very well aware of their own limitations when it comes to the number of pets they can handle. And if they aren't, we you can charge them with noise or health violations, Or cruelty to animals. But if the animals are being taken care of whats the big deal My mother has 12 dogs. She is a wonderful women and takes wonderful care of them, they go to the vet when needed, get feed like needed, and have a nice fenced in yard to play in. We've grown to love these animals and to me i consider them family, they are a joy to have and keep our family happy. Each person in my house about two dogs each, we love them. Not many have complained about noise. Indeed, some of her neighbors have applauded her efforts to help animals. So why is it a big deal now Why put it into effect when these people have animals and some for a long time. Animals and for us dogs are like a part of the family. Animals can be a part of anyones family, so why limit it Telling someone to get rid of animals they have and take care of is like telling someone to get rid of their kid. You can't limit someone to only have two kids so how can you limit someone to only have two animals For my mother taking care of animals is like helping a kid, when no one wants them she'll be there to get them healthy and find them a home. We had many occasions were she had went to the heavener pound just to help with animals and take in some til they got better or even gotten rid of the dogs just so they won't be euthanized. What happens after they are euthanized Where will all these animals go Why take them out of a home they already have and maybe end their lives I don't see what the big deal is now, the animal control guy knew how many animals we have and most of the people in town do, and if you ask anyone that knows us about them they will tell you that they are wonderful dogs and taken care of. So why all of a sudden a limit What happens when everyone that has more than two dogs has to get rid of them Where are they going to go the pound isnt a good place for them mainly when they get euthanized in like 2 days, now that is cruel mainly when these animals already have loving homes and people that love them. People also have animals for health reasons and who's to say that the should be limited. An animal is a companion and it is hard to give up a companion, you can ask anyone. Some people with health problems rely on their companions, like my mother her animals keep her happy and she doesnt have to think about the pain she's in everyday, and doesnt have to worry about being lonely. There are so many things the city of heavener could be more worried about then how many animals people have. I could understand if the animals are outside on a chain and no fenced yard, or running around town like strays, but these animals aren't running around the town, aren't a danger to anyone and have great lives with people that love them.


People that love animals and have animals that are like part of their family


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