Do not ban headscarves in schools/hospitals

This petition is being sent to President Jaques Chirac by March 1, 2004. My first contention is that those who publicly practice religion pay taxes too, and have equal rights as other tax payers to the use of public facilities. Banning these people from the use of such facilities cannot be fair without a fair refund of taxes. The proposed ban on wearing religious symbols in publicly funded institutions, directly attacks French ideals of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity and puts a dent in the secular nature of society. In a secular society, people have the liberty of following whatever religion they want, to participate in it\'s ritualistic manifestations and to uphold the sanctity of it\'s sacred symbols, like the cross, the star of David, etc. Equality is created by giving equal opportunity to all sectors of society. Fraternity is created by ensuring the above two. People love each other only if they have freedom and equality. If people are forced to act in a certian way, they become angry. Society becomes polarized. The essense of Secularism is to protect the religious rights of minorities, not to trample over them. If you ban headscarves in public schools, you leave a Taliban-like legacy of denying young females education. If you ban women from asking for a female doctor, you deny a patient\'s rights to make decisions regarding their own healthcare. Who will be responsible for lives lost/destroyed because the majority public opinion chose to interfere with the choices of the minority Banning religious symbols will usher France into a long list of closed societies that I need not mention here. Please do not take the onerous burden of history on your shoulders, and do not pass such a legislation.


The sponsors are Muslim women who think our way of dressing liberates us from the need to look pretty, young, slim, sexy, etc., dictated by society. It creates equality between the young and old, pretty and ugly, thin and fat, hair, no hair, blonde, brunnette, mouse, with no bad hair days.


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    zara qadeer, United Kingdom

    5 years ago State: Maryland
    Country: United Kingdom
    Comments: Saying to a muslim that you can't wear a head scarf is saying to a christian to take the christ necklace off. Or even a pperson wearing make up to take it off, becuase there are hiding or improvigna an ascept of themselves .. soo....
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    Nasir Khan, United Kingdom

    8 years ago Country: GB
    Comments: Please do not ban headscarfs because they are apart of our religion, and we do not want muslim women to go out on the streets uncovered
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    benny Hanna, United States

    8 years ago Country: US
    Comments: Just who do Muslims think they are In almost every Islamic country, there is NO freedom to practise religion other than the state religion, i.e. Islam. Yet, they have the audacity to dictate to others and demand that their religion be given special rights What bull! Who thinks I could go to Saudi Arabia, or Indonesia, and walk around with my crucifix around my neck and not be hacked up with a sword If you do think I could have that freedom your an idiot! I say NO to your demands untill your religion offers the same respect to others(which will never happen)
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