Homeless in Hawaii

ARRESTING AND CHARGING THE HOMELESS IS WRONG!!!! What is the law/government doing to help the homeless help themselves? Are there enough shelters in Hawaii to support and aid the homeless? How can the homeless pay a fee when the state does nothing to help them find work? No one can answer these questions! It is up to us (those of us who have a voice-Christians, Saints, Disciples) to teach others to Love and Help mankind, no matter what the person's social status is. How many of us go to church and praise and worship God and claim that we "Know" him,and stand by on the sidelines to allow innocent citizens to be treated inhumanely? Is this the example that our Saviour left behind? NO! He was radical! He did what was out of the ordinary to help someone else. This petition is the voice for those living on the streets of Hawaii, (PARADISE) that does not have a voice. "To Charge the homeless for the only shelter (Tents) that they have is cruel and wrong. To put the homeless in jail because of a shelter that has no option, is WRONG! You/We never know a persons story unless we talk to them...HOW many of you, (the Law makers of Hawaii) have sat down with any of the homeless to find out WHY? Your laws are cruel, wrong, and inhumane! Help the homeless help themselves. BUILD MORE SHELTERS!!!! OFFER MORE PROGRAMS!!!! TEACH and EDUCATE!!! That is a Change we can believe in...


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    Claudette Humphrey, United States

    5 years ago Comments: Find more alternative places for our homeless such as landlords willing to rent at lower prices in exchange for doing work on the premises or property.
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    Glady Wathoni, United States

    5 years ago Comments: There is a better, more humane way to tackle homelessness
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    Michelle Cook, United States

    5 years ago Comments: -
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