Change Harry Potter 'Order of the Phoenix' Date

Hello, As told from many different sources over the last few days, it has come to my attention that the date of the new upcoming Harry Potter film, 'Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix', has been changed in the date. I understand the hard work needed in changing the date from July 13th, to July 11th as it is now, yet, I still have some simple remarks to portray. I believe, to the best of my knowledge, is to change the date back to July 13th, 2007. My reasoning's for this is because you have already spent millions of dollars on commercials, movie posters and other such propaganda mentioning the film is debuting in theaters on July 13th. Why change the date now, so late, after all the hard work of publicity If you can answer this question I will be amazed, but if you simply ignore it, it is almost sad. I am doing this for the best interest of your company, and the millions of dollars spent. If I can, I will start a legal protest in which I think the movie should come out on July 13th. I understand how absurd this sounds, but, not only do I have reasoning's mentioned, but personal as well. You see, my little sister, who is thirteen on July 13th, has been looking forward to this movie since she has heard about it. I know many fans in the world today are such as her, but, you do not understand how long she has been waiting for this movie. She screams when she even hears its release date is on her birthday. It's hard for her not to check every single day that the movie debuts on her birthday. I know there is little that can be done now, but I truly believe with all my heart that if needed, the movie can be switched back to its original release date. Trust me, I fully understand how much effort that would take, but you've spent millions of dollars advertising the original release date, July 13th. And I find it simply absurd to change that date, when spending that much amount of money on it. So, I am writing this letter to not ask of you to change the date to what it originally was, but I am begging you. I can not explain how tortured my little sister is over this whole affair. I also believe that it would be in best interest for your company, seeing that many people have already believed it is to be released on the 13th. Also, why release a movie on the 11th, when noticing that that Friday is the 13th, as Friday the 13th. Every movie that has recently come out on that date, has done amazingly well in the box-office and I am sure that this movie will be no different. I guarantee that with all I have. So, once again, I'm begging you to please do something about the date of 'Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenixâ


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    8 years ago Comments: I just wanted to say thank you to all those who helped thus far. I am so greatly appreciative of all of you whom supported this goal. As for the rest of you, the low life adolescent people, who took the time out to write harsh remarks...I have only two words to say...fuck you. You are completely follish in your writings and next time you do something as stupid as that, you might want to look back at your life. Because nothing will come to you but a poor, foolish loser with no friends, and an income thats pathetic. All of you who did that are pitiful in every way, and I wish nothing more than for you to regret those words spoken. Because, I seem to have everything I want, but if youa ctually take the time out of your boring life to write such remarks, it shows me nothing but you are a loser whod rather be physical attached to the computer then actually have a life, even though it would be not a life at all, since you are so pathetic in every way. So please, so me this wasted time and take your pitiful names off this list. I have no need to have people who are complete assholes give me their opinion. So please, get your heads out of your ass, and get a life, before you try to interfere with others. I'm sure others think the same way as I do...and I wish nothing more for you to reap what you sew. As for everyone else you has helped thus far...Thank You!
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