Petition to Stop Common Core in the Diocese of Harrisburg

Petition to Stop Common Core in Diocesan Schools To: Future Bishop and Diocesan Leaders We, the undersigned, ask the future Bishop and all of the Diocesan School leaders of the Diocese of Harrisbug to stand firmly in opposition to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and to disassociate with the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII) that is supported and promoted by the National Catholic Education Association. We believe that the Common Core State Standards represent lower academic standards for our children and have paved the way for controversial teaching material. We ask that all Diocesan leaders review in detail the material being promoted by the CCCII for the implementation of Common Core, as it distorts the Church’s teachings and attempts to promote non-traditional and same-sex marriage as morally acceptable, as well as other activist material. With this, we ask that you set a strong example for other Dioceses across the country by rescinding the Diocesan approval of and implementation of the Common Core standards and reject any current use or future use of CCCII resources, training, and guidance for Diocesan educators. We also ask that Diocesan school leaders promise not to collect or track data on our children or our families in conjunction with or related to the Common Core State Standards or any other state or federally run data tracking system, abide by the prior FERPA laws, and protect the privacy of our children’s personal information. We strongly believe that this is a significant opportunity for Catholic schools to distinguish themselves from a nationalized monolithic school system, and to garner renewed support from communities across the country. Parents will seek alternative and traditional schools for their children, and in turn, for future generations to come. In this Year of Faith, The Diocese of Harrisburg could be a true leader by rejecting Common Core and thereby leading through true evangelization.


Harrisburg Catholics Against Common Core All teachers opposing Common Core Standards, please send us an e-mail at


Harrisburg Catholics Against Common Core


  • Casey McGlaughlin Remove the common core and teach common sense again. This doesn't even make sense to our teachers. Most importantly, parents will be looking for alternatives yo common core and our enrollment will increase.

  • Danielle Smith I was assured by Mrs Livia Riley Superintendent of Schools Department for Catholic Schools Office, that the Diocese has no intention of lowering their standards to common core, but making sure they are inclusive of the states material while keeping their same standard of excellence. I don't see how that is possible, and would prefer to keep common core out of our children's education all together. Teach them to think, teach them to reason, teach them to reach beyond the test and seek knowledge. You can't possibly keep the same level of excellence we have come to expect in our Catholic Schools and teach common core principles, they are contradictory concepts and there isn't enough time in the school day as it is. Let our teachers teach, keep common core out of our schools.

  • Josephine Knobloch Please allow our Catholic Schools to continue the tradition of academic excellence by not allowing common core.

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