We, the undersigned, petition you thereby, to turn your immediate attention to the unexampled violation of human rights and freedom of the Ethiopian people that is now widespread beyond the Ethiopian borders. Another evidence of the antidemocratic and inhumanly policy of the Ethiopian government was found recently. This secret document (52 pages) outlines step-by-step policy that should lead to the suppression of Diaspora capabilities to influence the political situation in the country and contribute to democracy and freedom. By implementing this policy the regime is hoping to avoid the widespread of awareness about its crimes, corruption and violation of basic human rights. Moreover, the document suggests involving other governments in this shameful fight against their own people. Here are some of the suggested measures: 1. To weaken the extremist opposition camp of the Diaspora; leaders of that group should be carefully studied and their names be forwarded to the Head Office. 2. Depending on the instruction from the Head office, a lawsuit should be filed against the extremists for crimes of genocide, treason, corruption and embezzlement at the time of their living in Ethiopia. 3. Each and every member of the mission should make sure those accused of treason, genocide and embezzlement be presented before court, after gathering enough evidences. 4. A strong tie should be forged with the governments of those countries where the extremists live in order to secure their deportation to face the court of law. It is also vital that government agencies be told their continues granting of residence to the extremists would spoil the diplomatic relationship between their country and Ethiopia. 5. If the extremists have taken citizenship of that country of their domicile, make sure to convince the government agencies of that country to stop their citizens from meddling in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 6. Systematically [report] to authorities that those who live in the country and instigate violence in Ethiopia were contravening the international law. 7. Make sure that radio programs run by the tax-payers\' money of the country where the extremists reside should not be used to destabilize Ethiopia. 8. Those who had applied for asylum and living in the country should be confined in one city, therefore the Mission should make every effort that this be achieved. Through diplomatic means. (more at http://www.ethiomedia.com/carepress/document.pdf It is with great abuse and frustration that we find the government calling


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A 52 PAGE SECRET DOCUMENT TO HARASS & SUPPRESS THE DIASPORAN ETHIOPIANS. (Original Source: Document (pdf) http://www.ethiomedia.com/carepress/document.pdf (IN AMHARIC-OFFICIAL LANGUAGE OF ETHIOPIA) Country Reports on Human Rights Practices - 2005 issued by the US Department of State: http://www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/hrrpt/2005/61569.htm CRIME AND NOURISHMENT IN ETHIOPIA: http://ethiopianreview.homestead.com/Crime_Nourishment01012006.pdf


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    Besufekad, United States

    7 years ago Comments: However we are in the middle of heavy dark we'll survive because we believe in God. However they kept quit it'll over when it is the willing of God. Ethiopians please forget them and ask to God with tear.
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    Maria L Weiss, United States

    9 years ago Comments: I believe that people should have the right to live in peace without persecution.
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    Assefa Melesegne, Netherlands

    9 years ago Comments: No power will stop ethiopians struggle which is spreading all over the world lke wild fire for peace, democracy, equality ,stability and prosperty of ethiopian's people
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