Ganbatte, Tonkun!

Ganbatte, Tonkun! (Hang in there, Tonkun!) This is just a little token of our appreciation of all that you do for us here at Baka-Wolf and on the associated IRC channels... For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, a member of our online community, Tonkun ( ), was just drafted into compulsory military service for 2 years. He spends all his time training or sleeping, and rarely (once a month or so) does he get leave for a day or two. From what he's told us, training is morale-crushing and difficult, and he's in an unfamiliar place without anime or Internet access. In short, he's not having fun dealing with these new changes. I'm not completely up on the specifics, so bear with me... Anyway, Tonkun is a valued member of Baka-Wolf's community. Some of you may have seen him in the forums or the Baka-Box, and all who meet him know that he is kind, funny, helpful, and a great conversationalist. Others may recognize him as a hard-working, vital member of Loli-Wolf Fansubs. Personally, I met him on IRC when I was briefly lending a hand to Loli-Wolf when they needed a hand with xxxHolic: Kei, and I instantly befriended him, who also happens to be a fellow Persona 3 lover! :D But back to the topic at hand. Tonkun takes time out of his busy schedule on his off-days to come and visit us on the site after his drafting to check up, catch up on his anime, talk to us, and just have fun. He remains cheerful, but he seems really down about being in the service, which brings me to my point. Since I can't pass around a handwritten card, or easily collect donations to buy him something awesomely expensive like a life-sized Mizuki Nana statue or the continent of Europe, this will have to do. I know it says petition, but it's really more of a goodwill card. So, if you could spare the time to add your name to this petition/card/declaration of undying love, please do! I (and Tonkun!) would greatly appreciate this act of kindness! We love you, Tonkun! Do your best in the service, it will be over soon! Yours truly, Your friends at!


RabuRabuRin-chan, a member of!

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    6 years ago Comments: Hang tight Bro, Maybe you will get an early leave and end it faster.
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