Hamilton Family Resource Center


Hamilton Family Resource Center 260 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco CA, 94102.



The resignation of Anthony Chambliss, an employee at the Hamilton.



When people come to Hamilton, they come with hopes for a better future. The people here are in great hardship, everyone has lost something if not everything. We don't come here because we want to. We've come here because we had no other choice. According to the city, this is the best place for families to get back on their feet. Supposedly... In all my 28 years I have not once been spoken to or treated in the manner of which these staff members have partook in. People should support this petition. Our strength is in our unity. Families... If you feel as if you've been harassed or discriminated against by (ANY EMPLOYEE) in ANY WAY, please share your story and sign the petition on this page collectively, WE CAN make a CHANGE...


Many blessing to you all!



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    T Pringle, United States

    2 years ago Comments: I am utterly disgusted and completely disappointed in the Hamilton Family Resource Center San Francisco! I had never not once got in any trouble at the hamilton until I came across Anthony Chambliss supposedly Shelter Coordinator. I guess that's the name of the roll for the person that harasses and threatens all the clients of this "FAMILY SHELTER". I'm still trying to figure out how a man of questionable nature that obviously hates children could possibly get a job in a "FAMILY SHELTER". Has he even had a background check? He is surely a self hating black man with perverted tendencies. His abuse is targeted towards African American and Hispanic families here at the hamilton. Two days after christmas he gave my family and immediate denial of services forcing us to leave at that very moment. We wandered though the street until coming across a church that allowed us to stay until the morning. His excuse was that we were smoking... in the room... with our 1 month old baby... Even though we are allowed to be out till 9pm and after being at a DR's apoinment for my daughter, had just come in for a meeting and were on our way back out... This taught me that this individual will stop at nothing to have us thrown out of this shelter. 2 months here so far... There are people who have been here for more than 10 months! I guess since some of the employees sell drugs to clients and vise versa I could see how that would work out. I truly believe that most of these people working here have good intentions but there are a few rotten apples that spoil it for the whole bunch. Including but not limited to; Anthony Chambliss, Brandy Harris, Ms. Ivory, Ralph Payton, Melissa (Last name unknown)and Rebeca Ramirez.
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    gina, United States

    2 years ago Comments: pure ignorance!!!
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    damila butler, United States

    2 years ago Comments: im am utterly discusted by the actions of the hamilton family shelter staff. myself and my family came here from antioch to come to sanfransico for a better look at our ''start over'' process from begin kicked out of our home we made for a year..it hwas a very rough start but once we enterd the residance(hamilton) we were under the impression that we woild get all the help we needed to start our lives over..we were ''hoodwinked'' basicly.Tawny bailey has made my family feel so uncomfrotable its pathetic..she has said duroigtory and hurtful things that have affected our process on conqoring our goals..i recently graduated from the chefs program but i have been goin though a hard time figureing out my health issues..i have been hospitalized for this problam and doctors are baffled.i can barley stand on my own two feet because of this and the staff basicly has told me they dont care..they are trying to kick us out because i have to finnish my hours(59),but ive been sick.my school has understanding so why not them? this is a family ''homeless''shleter correct? so why are we begin riddiculed for me beging sick..i ask that someone reads this and supports this because im quite sure im not the only one who feels or has felt this way..

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