Change 2008 YGO Australian Nats to Advanced Format

My name is Richard and as you might know the 2008 Nats Format has been announced. This format is different from the past few years in which we will be playing in a 2 day event. The first day we will play 7/8 rounds of constructed depending on attendance, which will then cut to top 64. The top 64 players will come back the next day and play 3 rounds of sealed format(Open 5 packs and make a deck) then play another 4 rounds of advanced constructed with their decks from day 1. For one sealed is way too luck based and isn't fair to the hard working players. Imagine this scenario, you go 8-0 on day one and come back on day 2, you crack open your packs and pull junk, you then proceded to go 0-3 in sealed, you then play the other 4 rounds of advanced constructed and go 4-0. All up you've gone 4-3 on day 2, your facing a very slim chance of top 8ing which is disgusting. Another point is that it will be too easy for people to cheat in sealed format which again is unfair. There is no feasible reason to change the format, so i have no idea why they are doing it. So all i ask of you is to sign this petition which will hopefully change UDE's mind and they will change it back to advanced format. Regards, Richard


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    Patrick Diaz, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: sealed sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Bodan can lose a few pounds, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: Yes i do agree that bodan should go to jenny craigs. Him eating Hungry Jacks is a horrible sight.
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    Barnesy, Australia

    7 years ago Comments: I'd rather hit my nuts with a rubber hammer than do sealed.
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