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Give Me My Rights! or Ban'm Dwa mwen

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Give Me My Rights or Ban’m Dwa Mwen

The time is now or never!

All Haitians living abroad request that all members of the Haitian parliament vote yes for the following rights:

1) Dual nationality: Be able to participate fully and freely in Haitian Democracy

2)Rights for all Haitians to vote while living abroad

3) Smooth facilitation for Haitian living abroad to invest in their country

4)Security for the country and Haitians living abroad while investing in Haiti.

The Haitians living abroad have continued to support Haiti and its elected officials when needed.  In the coming  of the 49th session of the Haitian Legislature, we, the Haitian people living abroad demand a quick and smooth vote by all Haitian legislators to guarantee our full  participation in the construction of the new Haiti

Haitian people living abroad!

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Sponsored by: JENN AYISYEN KONSENE (JAK),    “Ansan’m pou Ayiti”


A grass root nonprofit organization in Maryland, USA

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