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Hair Length... Some schools allow it, some schools dont. Such as my school, St. Pauls School in Nampa, Idaho. We think that that is discrimination against human rights. We do not want to grow up to be communists where there are no difference between anyone. We want to be individuals. the issue have held that sex-differentiated grooming standards do not constitute unlawful discrimination based upon sex. We want declaration that its grooming standards which establish different hair length requirements for males and females do not violate state law prohibiting employment discrimination based upon sex. We think this is wrong and hopefully you do too. Please sign our petition if you believe this as well.


We really dont have any sponsors, but there are some people who believe that our school board should change this rule. Even some of the teaches at our school believe that this is wrong. We do not want guys hair to go down to their back, but atleast to their shoulders.


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    Alex Mark, New Zealand

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    Melissa Evans, United States

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    Comments: I have two boys, 17 and 15, who like their hair a little longer than collar length. Their school doesn't allow hair past the ear, collar or eyebrows. They have to wear uniforms in high school. I feel that the district is trying to conform everyone to their perception of what our youth should dress and act like. We are not in a communist society, yet they are told what to wear and how Both of my sons are academically successful and don't feel the length of their hair or color of their shirt makes them any better academically.
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