Stop the Montreal Media

We want a Stanley Cup and Free Agent Players, not Unsubstantiated and Overblown "news reports". This has gotten out of control...Stop the Montreal Media and help Bring home a championship. Let local news outlets be known that they should be ashamed of themselves.


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    Kevin Deschenes, Canada

    6 years ago
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    slapshot777, Canada

    6 years ago Comments: If you take pride in your job then you should do it to the best of your ability, and in the case of the media they of all people know one of the first rules is to make sure that the source(s) are accurate and true before printing something on a whim to sell papers. They are irresponsible people who when print something that is false or has no weight they should be held accountable either by a lawsuit or losing his or her job or both. Something has got to be done to stop this. All I see now is tabloid papers nothing of news worthy. Everyone should stop buying papers for a week everytime this happens and then we will see how the editors an those in charge will react when start to lose money for stupid and lazy journalism.
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    Jeff Spicoli, Canada

    6 years ago
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