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Close down HAARP!

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We demand to close down American climatic weapon HAARP!

The strongest for last 140 years earthquakes and tsunami in Japan were caused by American climatic weapon HAARP

There 126 440 sites in Internet. Japan have had 308+133 billion of dollars damages.

proofs-are readings of magnetometer of HAARP:

One of the most reliable proof of attack of HAARP is video of the sky over Japan,where one can see clouds of HAARP.They were noticed ten minutes before first underground strokes

All earthquakes in Japan-March-August have been causing by HAARP.

1 HAARP caused the earthquakes in Japan.

2 The earthquakes triggered an accident at a nuclear station Fukushima.

3 Than the accident at Fukushima was provoked by HAARP !

The huge release of radiation on the Earth had been provoked by HAARP.All countries suffered for it.

We ask iPetitionsite to send this petition to thePresidents of UNDP,EU,Japan,Germany, France,Czech,England,Poland,Lithuania,Serbia,Slovakia,Rоmania, Moldavia,Ireland,Austria, Spain,Sweden,Italy,Iceland. Russia,Ukraine,White Russia, Israel, China,South Korea, Pakistan,Turkey,Greece, Indonesia, India,Thailand,Malaysia,Burma,Oman, UAE, New Zealand, Austalia, Haiti, Chile, Peru,Canada,Norway and world organizations. They all suffered from climatic weapon We ask that all countries sign petition to UNDP with demand to close down HAARP and demand closing at the session of UNDP.

With help of HAARP Americans cause catastrophes in all the world.The catastrophes were created in Europe and Asia,CIS,Australia and America. The strongest catastrophes(for last hundreds years) happened after 1997-the year of starting HAARP.

HAARP causes earthquakes

There were not such strong catastrophes hundreds years.This fact and the readings of magnetometer of HAARP and videos prove that these tragedies were caused by HAARP.

Video about HAARP

There are only some catastrophes caused by HAARP – with proofss(readings of magnetometer of HAARP and videos):


1 The strongest for last 100 years floods in Europe(German,France,Czech,England,Poland,Lithuania,Serbia,Slovakia,Romania, Ukraine,Moldavia,Ireland,Austria and Spain had suffered)

2 The strongest for 500 years heat in Europe.New an abnormal heat in 2011.

Weather Manipulation over Europe- proofs

2 The gigantic whirlwind in Italy ,where weren`t whirlwinds ever.

3 The eruption of volcano in Iceland(april 2010) The volcano slept 189 years before.Air travel over Europe was interrupted.The eruption caused enormous damages for air-companies proofs


4 HAARP caused an abnormal heat in 2010 in Russia,Ukraine and White Russia,new heat in 2011.There was not such heat in Russia about 1 000 years.


Heat in Russia and HAARP

Heat in Ukraine

HAARP in Israel,Russia, and Mexico


5 The strongest for last 700 years tsunami in Phuket(Indonesia) 26.12 2004 was also caused by HAARP(300 000!!! people from 20 countries lost) A lot of citizens of Indonesia saw the Northern Lights-before the tsunami 26th ,December 2004.They are rarity there(it is a proof).We saw the sun halo in this dayin my countryIt can prove that it was used some strong energy.(before disasters caused by HAARP often appear «Lights of HAARP»

6 The strongest snaw-falls in China,South Korea and Japan Proofs:

7 The earthquake(7.6 magnitude) in 1999 in Turkey(about 20 000 citizens lost)

8 The earthquake in Sichuan(China)(about 70 000 citizens lost) Proofs:

Chinese saw color lights of HAARP before the earthquake-video

H.A.A.R.P : The Relationship Between Color Light Sky Display & Earthquakes

9 The earthquake at island Patmos(Greece)

10The strongest for all time seismic observations earthquake in Pakistan(7.6 magnitude)in 2005(more than 100 000! citizens lost)

The flooding in Pakistan Proofs

11 The earthquakes in Japan (March-April 2011)( more than 15 000 people lost)

3440 video-proofs

12 The strongest for last 30 years hurricane in Oman and UAE is also related to HAARP.

13 The strong earthquake at Sumatra(Indonesia) 6 04 2010


14 the earthquake in Haiti-300 000!!! people lost

15 the earthquake in Chile-30 000 people lost.

All another crimes of climatic weapon are here :

new crimes of climatic weapon(spring-summe)r are here:

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  • Joseph Dunford
    Joseph Dunford United Kingdom, Bristol
    Aug 16, 2016
    Aug 16, 2016
    Project DESTINI (The Core, 2003) springs to mind. Dismantle HAARP altogether, and NEVER, EVER build it again, just leave nature to take its course without further human interferences, please. Everyone, say NO to Doomsday devices like HAARP, and show them all that we would much rather have a world free of such manmade catastrophes too, then men. Thanks a lot too, then guys. Please. Amen.
  • Stepan
    Stepan Russian Federation, Zheleznodorozhny
    Jun 03, 2016
    Jun 03, 2016
    My head is paining because of HAARP
  • Annie Masters-Parmar
    Annie Masters-Parmar United Kingdom
    Apr 13, 2016
    Apr 13, 2016
    Please let nature alone.. all our lives are affected
  • Sheila Spencer
    Sheila Spencer United States, Aurora
    Apr 10, 2016
    Apr 10, 2016
    This needs to stop now! They are destroying people's lives and the earth. Stop playing God!
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